The TWTRCON Community App

twtrcon-communityJoin the TWTRCON Community.

We’re partnering with Operation Smile on a Twitter-centric fundraising campaign called 140 Smiles, which will kick off at the TWTRCON launch party on May 3oth. As part of that, TWTRCON producer Modern Media has agreed to help Operation Smile and their agency, Common Knowledge, with hooking the campaign into the Twitter API.

Our new Community App is a baby step in that direction: it lets you use your Twitter sign-in to “register” as part of the TWTRCON community.  Then you’ll be able to see everyone else who registered themselves, and you can easily chose to follow them (or not).  That’s it.

Here’s how it works:

  • We’ve “registered” our application with Twitter.  When you click “Sign in with Twitter” you’re taken to to authorize the application to pull your details and do Twitter things on your behalf.
  • We will never tweet anything or follow anyone without you explicitly doing it yourself, just like on the Twitter website.
  • One you sign in with Twitter, you’re returned to our page and added to our community. We encourage you to tweet out that you’ve joined, but this is completely optional.  Again, the app won’t do anything, like tweet your friends, unless you decide to do it.
  • At that point you’ll be able to see who else has joined the community.  You’ll also be able to see who you’re following, and to follow those you aren’t.

That’s it.  Not much to write home about, but it’s a start.  Check it out at TWTRCON Community App, and tell us what you think.