Domino's Pizza Explains How it Dealt with a Crisis in the Social Media Era

Tim McIntyre, vice president of communications for Domino’s Pizza offered a firsthand crisis case study of how the company handled the infamous YouTube incident of 2009 in a recent presentation to PRSA Detroit members at Lawrence Tech University. The way the crisis was handled has been both praised and ridiculed by the public relations industry. McIntyre was recently named Crisis Manager of the year by PR News. But many say that, in today’s world of 24/7 news and social media, the 48 hours it took Domino’s to respond to this crisis was considered too long.

Make up your own mind after hearing McIntyre explain how those 48 hours worked. Were they too slow to react or rather just underestimated the power of social media?  McIntyre’s presentation is covered here by Deana Goodrich at Airfoil blog.