Chicago Pizza Guy Creates Social Media ‘Domino’ Effect

On a rainy Sunday night, a Domino’s Pizza order took an hour to arrive–and then it was the wrong pizza. The angry pizza customer turned to Twitter to vent. What followed went way beyond the mea culpa tweet increasingly more common in business today.

Ramon DeLeon, managing partner of seven Chicago-area Domino’s stores, saw the tweet and contacted the customer immediately. The correct pizza was already on its way. But DeLeon went way beyond, tweeting the customer the next day with a link to a video apology, followed by providing pizza for 350 people at the customer’s social club.

“The only way to put out a social media fire is with social media water,” DeLeon says. That’s why, when another Chicago customer tweeted happily about her Domino’s order, DeLeon sent her a video thank you from London, where he was speaking to a group of Domino’s franchise partners.

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