Twitter and Foursquare Become the New Loyalty Program at Tasti D-Lite

Tasti D-Lite, the frozen dessert chain popular in New York, is launching a Twitter and Foursquare-powered  social media rewards program, TastiRewards, that incentivizes customers to associate their Twitter and Foursquare accounts with their Tasti D-Lite membership cards.

Customers can use their TreatCards — which also double as gift cards — to earn points for purchases, but those that opt in to the social media bonuses will automatically earn additional points. They’ll also update their Twitter and Foursquare accounts each time the card is swiped and points are earned or redeemed.

This marks the first time that a restaurant chain has tacked on social media rewards for social media exposure to their customer loyalty programs, connecting their customers’ social media behavior and their in-store behavior.

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