Carls Jr. Wins 16,000+ Fans for a Facebook Lunch Date

Fast food chain Carl’s Jr. is leveraging Kim Kardashian’s social footprint to sell salads.  The campaign has used social media in a new way by including a live event on Facebook that played to Kardashian’s tremendous digital following and opened up Carl’s Jr. to her online fan base.

Anyone was able to watch the virtual lunch event on Wednesday under the “Salads Are Hot” tab on Carl’s Jr.’s Facebook page, but only those who had purchased salads and received a code (or found it on Facebook or Twitter) were able to ask questions.

Customers were also able to watch from the 144 Carl’s Jr. locations with Indoor Direct, the restaurant television network, as well as on, the Web site for the live, interactive video platform that powered the event.  Carl’s Jr. worked on the campaign with digital marketing agency 72andSunny.

While the total number of viewers has not yet been determined, Carls Jr. says 16,000 participants logged in to ask questions.

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