American Greetings Launches Valentine's Day Twitter Contest

American Greetings kicked off a 12-day Twitter contest to build buzz heading into Valentine’s Day. The contest, dubbed “Follow the Love,” will include daily questions to be answered in tweets (140 characters or less) by the brand’s followers.  A winning tweet will be selected daily and awarded one $100 retailer gift card and a $250 cash gift card.

To enter, participants need to follow “AMgreetings” on Twitter and then tag their response to the daily question as “#LoveAG.” The question posed February 1: “What does it feel like to fall in love?”  During the first day of the contest (Feb 1), American Greetings modestly increased its number of followers by around 100 – from 1,200 in the morning to more than 1,300 in late afternoon.  As of February 4th, the feed was up to 1800 followers.

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