Dell's Social Media Efforts Go Mainstream

Dell launched a social media and community department to manage consumers’ then-burgeoning use of the Internet way back in 2006. An overview in a recent issue of the Austin Business Journal describes how social media at Dell has changed from a specialized approach to marketing to as much a part of doing business as conventional advertising.

While Dell still operates a social media department, it now uses social media across all its divisions to connect with customers through online channels such as Facebook and Twitter. Last year, about 100 employees sent tweets through 35 channels, reaching customers in more than 12 countries. And it benefited the bottom line, generating more than $6.5 million in business through Twitter deals during 2009.

About 1.5 million customers follow the company on Twitter, while altogether more than 3.5 million people communicate with Dell via all social media (Twitter, Facebook, Direct2Dell and IdeaStorm). As the company says, it wants to be wherever its customers are.