U.S. Teens Spend 96 Minutes a Day on Social Networks

Online fashion game developer roiworld surveyed 600 U.S. teens (age 13 – 17) in April 2010 and found that  U.S. teens spend 2 hours a day online. 80% of that time is spent on a social network.   Facebook remains the most popular social network among teens: 78% have created a profile and 69% are active users.  YouTube ranks second, with 64% of teens claiming to have an active account, followed by MySpace (41%) and Twitter (20%).

Still, the social networking habits of U.S. teens may be changing.  19% or teens with a Facebook account have either abandoned it or are using it less.  Of those that had decreased their usage of Facebook, the 49% had done so in the last month or in the last 2-3 months.

Respondents cited the following as reasons for spending less time on Facebook:

  • 45% have lost interest
  • 16% are leaving because their parents have joined
  • 14% think “too many adults/older people” now use the social network
  • 13% are concerned about their personal privacy.

Teens Study June 2010