42% of Teens & College Students Using Twitter

Ypulse Research has  surveyed 1,000 teens and college students from their SurveyU panel to find out how their social networking has (and hasn’t) changed over time.  Among the findings, as reported in this blog post on Ypulse.com:

  • 42% of high school students surveyed are using Twitter
  • Facebook still reigns supreme above other social networks with teens and college students spending an average of 11.4 hours per week on the site.
  • A little more than a quarter of the students surveyed reported spending less or no time at all anymore on the site. Among those, half traced the change back to six months ago or less.
  • The reasons for the decline in activity were split:
    • 50% of girls claimed to be “tired of trying to keep up with all the activity” required of leading a demanding digital social life
    • Among males, 47% said that “most of my friends are using other sites now,” and 44% blamedMom and Dad for crashing the party
  • 53% of high school females said they “can’t live without it” (hence the burn out syndrome)

More details at Ypulse.com: http://www.ypulse.com/ypulse-research-status-update-facebook-fatigue