Using Various Social Media to Promote a Band

Learning how to use multiple channels of social media is helping Arcade Fire sell its music and its concerts. ReadWriteWeb recently examined the band’s efforts on the web, Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. Here’s a summary.

Arcade Fire’s own web site focuses primarily on selling the new album. The site links to both Twitter and Facebook, but not the band’s MySpace page. The Facebook Page is mostly promotional information and there’s little sign of social networking by the band members. It also lacks any of the band’s music.

That’s not the case on the band’s MySpace page, which has a couple of songs from the group’s album available for streaming. Its MySpace blog was last updated a month ago, however, so Arcade Fire pays only scant attention to MySpace.

The band’s official Twitter account is used entirely for promotion of the new album and their concerts. There’s also a fans Twitter account, which is much more lively.

The band recently launched a YouTube channel, which is being used to live stream a concert from Madison Square Garden. Finally, the band’s entire album is available for free streaming – but not purchase – on NPR’s website. It’s an opportunity for fans to sample the music before they purchase it.