TWTRCON NY 10 Backchannel: Bonus Material

We have been reading through the #twtrcon tweets from TWTRCON NY 10, and will be posting a series of “Best of the Backchannel” posts to share the best tweets that capture the essence of each session.  We will be posting them in reverse order (so that once we’re done, they’ll appear in the correct order!), and so we are starting with our Bonus Material!  Think of it as any funny, random stuff that happened or was said, plus a few tweets that simply gave us the warm fuzzies.  Enjoy!

@Du4: @tonia_ries: “I’m here because I believe @twitter is revolutionizing business.” TRUTH. #TWTRCON

@thecitizeNY: I’m not there. Does than make me a TWTRNON? #TWTRCON

@MonetJewelry: Best panel ever @dens @mg @bradnelson @jw moderator @mashable @adamostrow #twtrcon

@marlaerwin: Dell, LiveStrong, Gowalla, and Whole Foods: Austin represent!! #twtrcon

@rosegordon: Just saw 4sq’s Crowley get mobbed Justin Bieber style, though the fans were middle aged men rather than teen girls #twtrcon

@bobfine: The only problem w using ur cat as ur avatar is that when u go to a conference, people can’t recognize u, unless u have ur cat w/ u #twtrcon

@chriswidner: When you’re still drinking during work at work, you’re a startup. Heard at #twtrcon

@dorachomiak: And the coverage is good. RT @AmyVernon: Loving the copious outlets @ATTCustomerCare has set up at every table in the conference #TWTRCON

@bobfine: Wow! The day has just flown by. 4pm already. Think that means its been a good conference. #twtrcon

@ksafrey: There should be a drinking game, take a shot anytime you hear the words “engagement” “community” “activate” or “channel” #twtrcon