TWTRCON NY 10 Backchannel: Customer Service Panel with NASA, Comcast, PepsiCo and AT&T,

The best tweets summarizing key take-aways from the June 14, 2010 TWTRCON NY panel called  “Customer Service is the New Marketing: The rewards and the perils of real-time response.”   The panel was interrupted by a PETA campaign targeting NASA, and we’ve included some of the discussion around that, too.

  • Frank Eliason, Director Digital Care, Comcast
  • Joshua Karpf, Manager, Digital Communications, Pepsico
  • Shawn McPike, AT&T
  • Stephanie Schierholz, Social Media Manager, NASA
  • Moderator: Phil Terry, CEO, Creative Good

@flexo: 70% of customers use twitter as the first line of communication for customer service @comcastcares #twtrcon


@SarahGorb: Customers made from relationships not transactions #twtrcon

@MonetJewelry: 90 @NASA astronauts tweet!? I want those handles! You can find them at So cool #twtrcon

@AmyVernon: All NASA twitter and social media accounts, including 19 astronauts who tweet, listed at #twtrcon

@verysocial: Funny to watch @peta vs @nasa twitter war. I am @nasa side :) #twtrcon

@AmyVernon: Social media is about relationships. You can’t have a relationship with a logo. – @comcastcares #twtrcon

@bobfine: @peta There’s a time and place to argue with those you have issues with. This is not it. #twtrcon

@Du4: I’m gonna go kick a monkey in the face JUST BECAUSE OF ALL THESE PETA SPAMMERS. #TWTRCON

@PaulMadda: RT @peta: .@NASA STOP TORTURING ANIMALS! RT 4 monkeys! #TWTRCON

@verysocial: Dear @peta I promise to kill a monkey everytime you use #twtrcon

@TWTRCON: @comcastcares helps 200 people per day through Twitter, completely different from the volume an inbound call center gets #TWTRCON

@joelrama: @chriswidner I think of it more of a virtual disruption. What would you be willing to do to save monkeys from being killed by NASA? #twtrcon

@BradJobling: People do have retlationships with brands! Tide sn’t a person, but I associated it with home & clean clothes! #twtrcon

@sofresh: .@ComcastCares helps 200 ppl a day while Comcast takes over 1 million cust. service calls a day “its 2 different animals” #twtrcon

@KristinMandia: Guess what. Your customers don’t always want to talk about what you want to communicate. @Pepsico #TWTRCON

@bethebutterfly: Spam is not the way to make me care about your cause @Peta – You are alienating people actually. #twtrcon

@ageekmom: @TWTRCON Why does it not surprise me that #PETA would be doing something wildly inappropriate & counter-productive? / @TWTRCON #TWTRCON

@DallasLawrence: @shawnmcpike @attcustomercare – AT&T services avg of 2,500 customers per month on twitter. #twtrcon

@AmyVernon: FIGHT! FIGHT! RT @alazenby Monkey knife fight breaking out at #TWTRCON … Proof of the medium’s messiness. #twtrcon

@jpeepz: This guy said stop the spamming or he starts shooting. #twtrcon

@TWTRCON: What do you do with brand hi-jacking? #TWTRCON

@AmyVernon: You can’t control what people are going to say about your brand or about your company. NASA’s no different – @NASATweetup #twtrcon

@themaria: .@comcastcares on fake Twitter accounts – kill them with kindness :) #TWTRCON

@jpeepz: The real question about customer service on social media is how to be as genuine as possible without patronizing. #twtrcon