TWTRCON NY 10 Backchannel: JetBlue Keynote with Marty St. George

The best tweets summarizing key takeaways from Marty St. George’s closing keynote at TWTRCON NY on June 14, 2010.

@centsiblelife: Listening to @martysg talk about @jetblue’s “perfect storm” on 2/14/07 #twtrcon

@TWTRCON: For JetBlue Social Media means no Middle Man…go right to the customer #TWTRCON

@AmyVernon: JetBlue has YouTube account, Flickr photostream (customers can post pix), Facebook page, blog (started an internal crewmember blog) #twtrcon

@DallasLawrence: Wise crisis words insight from JetBlue SVP @martysg “Customers want to hear the explanation- and they can sense authenticity. ” #twtrcon

@verysocial: Not every CEO could do what @jetblue CEO done. What a perfect respond to crisis management when it happens #TWTRCON

@AmyVernon: I don’t like the word media in this case. I do like the word social. – “It’s not advertising. It’s actually sharing.” – @martysg #twtrcon

@TWTRCON: @martysg His 4 words: Monitoring, Engaging, Informing, Humanizing…#TWTRCON

@verysocial: @jetblue is my fav example of how company approaches twitter. And I love them for TVs and leg room. #twtrcon

@AmyVernon: .@JetBlue’s #AYCJ (all you can jet) was advertised solely by one tweet and a press release. #twtrcon

@maurolupi: JetBlue: build the relationship – only then do you the right to monetize #twtrcon

@AmyVernon: Customers created communities, fanpages, maps, around #AYCJ @martysg #twtrcon

@DallasLawrence: Great ROI from JetBlue’s @martysg #AYCJ Campaign: 700% increase in views, millions in publicity $$, 232MIL ppl reached #twtrcon

@themaria: .@JetBlue turned its Twitter presence into such a strong svc channel that no one seeks help via FB – imp. 2 establish expectations #twtrcon

@timsuther: Targeting without great creative is like trying to generate applause with one hand #dmd #twtrcon

@dorachomiak: Being a marketer is hard in an org that does not value the customer. @martysg #TWTRCON

And here’s his presentation: