Twitter for Business 101 (Part 1 of 6)

Laura Fitton offers an introduction for those who are fairly new to Twitter. She joined Twitter in 2007 as @pistachio and launched to help people understand Twitter and the exploding ecosystem of applications and services built on it. In 2008 she launched Pistachio Consulting, the first Twitter for Business consultancy.

The opening of her presentation frames social media generally, emphasizing the concept of sharing with your audience, not just vying for their attention.  Laura lists four main points to rule your social media strategy:  listen, learn (as you’re listening), care, and serve.  When wondering what to tweet about, she suggests looking to the core of the business (whom do you serve?) and what you can offer to help them with their problems.

Next in this session: Part 2

This video was filmed at TWTRCON NY on June 14, 2010.