JetBlue Case Study: Social Media, With Emphasis on the Social (Part 3 of 4)

Part 3: Marty St. George, Senior Vice President of Marketing & Commercial Strategy at JetBlue Airways, presents another case study with the ‘Happy Birthday JetBlue’ specials, illustrating the power of social media to get customers excited about a brand in real-time. 2010 was JetBlue’s tenth anniversary, and the company offered a different special on the 10th of every month throughout the year.  The JetBlue street team created tons of buzz, and had customers running toward them whenever they would tweet out their location (with free tickets) and customers jumping into cabs to follow them to the next (unknown) destination.

Marty also offers a chance for TWTRCON audience members to win free tickets through a JetBlue trivia contest on Twitter.

This video was filmed at TWTRCON NY on June 14, 2010.