Real-Time Media Brands: HuffPo, AP, NY Times and Syfy at TWTRCON NY 10 (1 of 3)

Part One: Rafat Ali, Publisher and Editor of, moderates a panel including Paul Berry, CTO of Huffington Post; Eric Carvin, Social Networks and News Environment Editor of Associated Press; Cynthia Collins, Director of Digital Marketing for The New York Times, and Craig Engler, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Syfy Digital.

The panelists introduce themselves and talk about how their social media strategies have changed or evolved within the last six months. Craig Engler speaks about the challenges of rebranding Syfy, and his concept of creating a ‘digital ambassador’ who finds conversations in real-time (via Twitter, Facebook, Digg, etc) and explains the reasons behind the name change. Each panelist spoke about using Twitter and Facebook, and Cynthia of The New York Times also focused on using Foursquare.

This video was filmed at TWTRCON NY on June 14, 2010.