Martha Stewart at TWTRCON (Part 3 of 5)

Martha Stewart, Founder of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, is interviewed by David Pogue, Columnist for The New York Times.

Martha uses Twitter for research, asking for suggestions from her readers, and uses it to survey them on a variety of topics.  She discovered that many people are using Twitter out of curiosity, to touch celebrity, and some also use it for news – she is fascinated by Twitter’s ability to provide an instantaneous relay with breaking news or natural disasters (ex. the tsunami).

Martha speaks about her specific marketing plans for social media, particularly to promote her magazine, Martha Stewart Living.  She feels social media is absolutely worth trying for any business, including not only Twitter and blogging but also Facebook and Foursquare.  She also discusses ‘rules’ for using Twitter (who wrote them anyway?), the lack of punctuation in her tweets, and why she often posts Twitpics.

This video was filmed at TWTRCON NY on June 14, 2010.