Foursquare Now 3 Million Users Strong; Adding 1/2 Million New Users Per Month

TechCrunch reports that Foursquare hit the three million user mark some time in the last few days.

The location-based social network reached the 2 million user mark in July.  It took a year to reach one million; 3 months to hit 2 million, and 6 weeks to hit 3 million.

Foursquare’s co-founder Dennis Crowley recently told the LA Times that the startup is growing at about 180,000 users every 10 days. Mashable calculates Foursquare’s growth rate at nearly half a million users per month.

While Foursquare appears to be growing faster than its main competitor Gowalla, other location-based social networks have already hit the 3 million mark. MyTown, another location-based network hit that number earlier this month, and Loopt passed 4 million users in July.