Twitter Claims 145 Million Users; 62% Growth in Mobile Use

Twitter co-founder Evan Williams has published a post on the company’s blog in which he discusses advances the company has made in improving ease of use for the service.

He cites the release of official Twitter apps for the iPhone (via the Tweetie acquisition), Blackberry and Android as contributing to the company’s 62% growth in mobile use, adding that 16% of all new users to Twitter start on mobile now, as opposed to the 5% before the launch of the first Twitter-branded mobile client.  46% of active users make mobile a “regular part of their Twitter experience.”

Williams goes on to acknowledge third-party developers:  “You’ll also note that third-party clients continue to play an important role for many people.”  The number of registered OAuth applications is now at almost 300,000—a number has nearly tripled since April’s Chirp developer conferenece.

Evans states that Twitter now has 145 million registered users.  As Martin Bryant points out in his post at The Next Web, it is very difficult to know how many of these are active users.