How Twitter is Used to Fight Pharmacy Crime

Robberies from pharmacies are becoming big business for criminals. To combat the crimes, Purdue Pharma is using Twitter to share information about pharmacy robberies with law enforcement officials and pharmacy staff, according to a story on the WebProNews website.

The updates about pharmacy robberies, burglaries and potential threats in various areas around the country can be seen on The tweets provide safety and security tips for pharmacy staff aimed at helping them better protect customers and their businesses. Followers also receive notices for reward offers that are funded through Purdue’s partnership with CrimeStoppers and other local anti-crime organizations.

RxPATROL, a collaborative effort between industry and law enforcement, tracks and analyzes reports of pharmacy crime across the United States and posts crime related information on its web site. RxPATROL also now uses Twitter to instantly deliver pharmacy crime updates and tips — crime information that often is not reported by the media — to followers via their cell phones.

The tweets provide specific information on robberies and burglaries, including the location of the incident, description of the suspect and any information that could lead to the capture of a suspect. All information is verified with the local law enforcement before it is released. All tweets direct followers to the incident number in the RxPATROL database so that they may find additional information, including pictures and video of suspects.