Marketers Are Most Social, PR Most Twitter-y, and HR Most Popular

Netprospex has release a September 2010 report with a detailed look at the state of social media use by business people across industries, cities in the US, and jobs.  We highly recommend downloading the full report from the Netprospex web site, which has many interesting tables and diagrams analyzing social media usage.  The report scores and ranks contacts in the Netprospex database based on their social media activity and connectedness.

Some highlights from the report:

Social Jobs

  • The top 5 most-social jobs are marketing, HR and recruiting, communications/PR, IT and sales.
  • Only two C-level positions finished in the Top 10 on the list, with Chief Marketing Officers ranking in 1st place, while Chief Information Officers finished 6th.
  • Customer service finished in 9th place, behind CIOs, tech support and investor relations.
  • While communications/PR employees finished 3rd overall on the list, they ranked #1 in the Twitter category, outpacing CMO’s/advertising directors and IT employees, who finished 2nd and 3rd in the Twitter category, respectively.
  • HR people are most popular: The average amount of friends and followers in an HR employee’s social media network is more than twice as high as the average amount of followers across all job titles.

Social Industries

  • Employees at search engines & online portals have the highest social media index ratings, followed by advertising and marketing.
  • The banking industry scored third on the list, and outperformed the traditional media industry, which includes traditional media such as TV and newspapers.
  • The traditional media industry does edge up into 2nd place when it comes to Twitter usage, with advertising and marketing dropping to 4th in that ranking.

Social Cities

  • The top 10 most social U.S. cities, in order, are: San Francisco, San Jose, New York, Austin,  Boston, Seattle, Denver, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles and Atlanta.
  • The most Twitter-y city? New York.

Social Companies

  • Google has the most social employees, rising from the 5th place in the  Spring 2010 Social Report.
  • Microsoft, Juniper, Amazon and Adobe round out the top 5.
  • Google also has the highest Twitter index, followed by Walt Disney, Live Nation, Amazon and Adobe.
  • B2B employees are social, with high scores for companies like Microsoft, Avaya, EMC Corporation, Autodesk, Oracle, and Network Appliance.