49% of CIOs Say Twitter's Biggest Challenge to Enterprise Adoption is its Perception as a Time-Waster

According to a new survey of 75 CIOs conducted by Diamond Management and Technology Consultants and reported by CIO.com, CIOs  who have joined Twitter say they are tweeting more than they did last year, are seeing a tangible return on investment and view Twitter as a useful business tool.

92%  of the CIOs surveyed agree that Twitter is a useful business tool.   The reasons CIOs who use Twitter continue to use the site are:

  • to follow news that impacts their job – 92%
  • to learn best practices from other CIOs – 75%
  • to position themself as a though leader – 67%
  • sharing news about the company with other employees -21%
  • recruiting candidates – 21%
  • search for jobs – 8%

70% of those surveyed say that they have established new working relationships via Twitter, and 61% of CIOs surveyed say they are blogging less frequently as a result of tweeting.

CIOs say that Twitter’s biggest challenge to enterprise adoption  is its perception as a time-waster–49% agreed with this statement.  Other factors included measurability of its ROI (30%), privacy and security concerns (12%) and difficulty in monitoring (9%).

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