TWTRCON SF 2010 Business in Real Time: More Content, More Meat

Today, we’re putting the finishing touches on the agenda for TWTRCON SF 2010, which we will be posting in the next day or so.

Once again, it seems like TWTRCON has a magical ability to expand time:  How much content can you fit into a one-day program?   I think we push the limits on that further with each event, and our November 18 San Francisco event will be the meatiest, richest TWTRCON yet.

Here’s what we’re packing into one day:

  • Cases studies from big brands and small businesses
  • Use cases that include sales, customer service, employee collaboration and supply chain management
  • Analytics:  tools, keynote and workshops
  • Social Search:  panel discussion with all the key players
  • Cutting-edge technologies that will change the way we think about social networking
  • Influence research and analysis
  • The latest real-time business tools
  • Workshops on everything from Team Micro-blogging to hosting Twitter Chats
  • A demo area where you can see the latest integrated real-time marketing and business management tools
  • Tweet-ups and networking events

And make sure you get plenty of rest ’cause we need your energy and participation, too — if you’ve been to a TWTRCON event before you know that we build in plenty of time for everyone in the room to ask questions, share ideas and get involved.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be adding more detail in each of these areas and refining the focus of each session.  Let us know what questions you have that you want answered.  See you on November 18!