86 Million Tweets. 1 Billion Queries. Per Day.

On October 6, 2010, Twitter announced in a blog post that it was currently processing:

  • over 1,000 TPS (Tweets per second)
  • 12,000 QPS (queries per sec)
  • over 1 billion queries per day

Danny Sullivan (who will be moderating a social search panel at TWTRCON SF on Nov. 18) has done some additional historical analysis at his Search Engine Land blog to come to the conclusion that Twitter has seen 63% growth in queries in about six month.*

Meanwhile, with 1000 tweets per second, there has been an increase of 67% in TPS  since the site reported  600 TPS back in February.  And, if my math is correct, Twitter is now processing more than 86 million (86,400,000) tweets a day.  Which means that Royal Pingdom’s estimate one month ago was very close to the mark!

P.S. Don’t miss Danny’s search panel panel at TWTRCON SF – confirmed speakers include Twitter’s Director of Geo and Search Othman Laraki!

*Yes, Danny, I checked your math and it’s correct, and congrats on a great conference this week! :-)