TWTRCON SF 10: Influence, Social Media Monitoring and Real-Time Analytics (Caution: Homework)

If you’re trying to figure out how to monitor and measure social conversations, and how to most effectively “influence the influencers,” then you need to join us at TWTRCON SF 10.  We’ll have some of the leading researchers in social media analytics there to present the tools and techniques for quantifying the value of engaging in real-time conversations.

We think this is an enormously important topic because it will (yet again) change how we measure the value of media.  Influence scores as defined by companies such as Klout are already being built into a number of applications to prioritize users. Empire Avenue has taken the idea of influence and turned it into a virtual stock market.

But we are only at the earliest stages of defining influence–what it is and how much it matters.  And while we’ve used analytics to measure traffic to our content for years, we’re only starting to think about how to use analytics to measure how much our content gets trafficked (shared).

The sessions we have planned for TWTRCON SF 10 will get you up to speed on the most advanced thinking in the sciences of influence research and social media analytics.  We also have two workshops designed to let you learn how to monitor the real-time web, and how to mine real-time data for actionable insights.   We hope that, while things may get a little geeky, you’ll find these sessions incredibly relevant as you think about what’s next in social media and the real-time web for your business:

And, the topics of measuring real-time influence and ROI will be a theme throughout the day as part of the case study presentations and panel discussions.

Learning how to plan and measure the value of a real-time conversation with your customers may be one of the most valuable things you’ll take away from spending a day with us at TWTRCON SF – we hope to see you there!