Go Standby Program Update

If we did not accept your Go Standby application, or if you just found out about TWTRCON or our Go Standby program, you can still participate.  Read on for details.

Yesterday we notified about 20 people that they had qualified to attend TWTRCON through our Go Standby program.  This is the fourth TWTRCON event for which we’ve had this program, which is designed for people who want to attend TWTRCON but may not have access to a traditional corporate training/travel budget.

Once again, the people who will be participating in TWTRCON as Go Standby attendees are super interesting & we are so excited about meeting them.  They include students, teachers, startups, several non-profits, a blogger who’s a single mom supporting 3 kids and a couple of people in the middle of making career changes.

In their applications, these TWTRCON attendees expressed an passion for social media and, in many cases, a sense that they would be able to change the world through the power of Twitter.  We are honored to have this group join the conference.

We were not able to accept everyone who has applied so far. We are starting to get closer to our limit of 350 tickets, and there are still some speakers, sponsors and other attendees who have not yet registered, so we are trying to figure out how many seats we may still have left once we get that group signed up.

If we did not accept you today, or if you just found out about TWTRCON or our Go Standby program, you can still participate. If you want to make sure that you have a seat, and you are able to afford the regular registration fee, register today.

If you would like to try and Go Standby (application form here), we are extending that program and will continue to accept applications until we have filled all our seats. If room is available, we will issue another set of tickets a week from today, on Tuesday 11/9.

Let us know if you have any questions or if there’s anything we can do to make this program work better!