38% of Americans Use Social Networks to Engage With Brands

Communications agency Cone has released the 2010 Cone Consumer New Media Study, based on an online survey of 1,050 U.S. adults 18 years of age and older, which found that 38% of Americans use social networks and 3% use microblogs to interact with brands.

New media users ‘follow’ or ‘like’ or subscribe to an average of 5 brands online.  Users who engage with brands online say they are more likely to:

  • Be more aware of the company – 63%
  • Share information about the company across their own social networks – 62%
  • Feel a stronger connection to the company – 61%
  • Feel better served by the company – 60%
  • Purchase the company’s products or services – 59%
  • Follow the company or brand across multiple channels – 59%

When deciding whether to follow a company or brand online, users are looking for the following types of interactions:

  • Special offers or incentives – 77%
  • Problem solving or customer service – 46%
  • Soliciting feedback about the products – 39%
  • Entertainment – 26%
  • Marketing activities such as ads – 21%

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Download the full study (registration required).