Come Early to Get Really Twitter Smart: Laura Fitton's TWTRCON SF Pre-Conference Keynote

The main program for TWTRCON SF 10 kicks off at 9 am on Thursday, November 18.  But since you’re smart, you’ll get there even earlier:  Laura Fitton’s pre-conference keynote kicks off at 8:00 am — and once again, it’ll be chock-full of tips and new ideas for how to use Twitter to create business value.

The big secret?  You don’t need to be new to Twitter to get new ideas out of her Twitter for Business 101 presentation.  Just check out how many tips are in this short segment from her TWTRCON NY session — personally, I learned 3 new things just in the first 5 minutes of this clip.

Other reasons to get to TWTRCON by 8 am next week?  Coffee and breakfast is on us.  And you’ll have a chance to grab the best seats!

See you at TWTRCON!