Survey Shows Huge Social Media Growth By National Retailers

Media Logic has released a study looking at the social media strategies deployed by 100 national retailers in the United States (exclusive of the food and beverage sector) and concludes that the days of “nice-to-fool-around-with” are over. Total visitors to social sites now rival physical retail traffic.

A year ago, only Victoria’s Secret and its PINK division had a Facebook fan base of more than 1 million. But by the end of September, 14 retailers had hit that level. Some of the other key findings in the study (available for a free download after registration) compiled by surveying primary corporate or commerce websites, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds and all associated promotional microsites:

  • The 14 retailers with more than 1 million Facebook “likers” averaged close to 40 percent growth between mid-July and September 2010. The 10 in the specialty apparel category averaged close to 50 percent growth.
  • Facebook rules. Only one of the 100 retailers had more Twitter followers than Facebook likers.
  • More than a quarter of the 100 brands saw their Facebook fan base grow by 30 percent or more between July and September. Four reaped more than 100 percent growth.
  • Social games and contests are drawing huge numbers of participants.
  • Big brands buy fans. Big retailers drive new non-likers to a Facebook tab where they are asked to like the page in return for a gift or special access to promotions or contests.