59% of Social Media Users, 70% of Smartphone App Users Say Ads Are ‘Fair Price To Pay’ For Social Media

A new syndicated study, ‘Faces of Social Media’, reveals that 59% of social media users (ages 13-80) say ‘ads are a fair price to pay for social media sites and features.’ Social media advertising is driving brand exploration – 25% are more likely to explore brands that advertise on social media. Fifteen percent of social media users (approximately 30 million people) are more likely to buy brands that advertise in social media, and MediaPost focuses on how this compares favorably to levels found among HDTV viewers and VOD users.

The study also indicates that advertising through mobile social media apps is a very effective way to reach social media users.  Out of smartphone users ages 13-54 (with apps on their phones) almost a third (32%) say they are more inclined to purchase brands that advertise or have marketing messages in the app, and 40% say the ads within apps on their smartphone are ‘usually relevant to their needs and interests.’ Seventy percent of these smartphone users (compared to social media’s 59%) say ‘ads are a fair price to pay for social media sites and features.’

Marketers take note: social media use has continued to grow within the past year, with a quarter of teens and adults now using social media daily (~20% of the American population.) Overall usage has increased from 69% in 2009 to 82% of the teen and adult population. This growth is mostly attributable to GenXers (those between ages 32-45) with a 15% increase, and Boomers (46-65 years-old) with a 22% increase. Numbers also grew (but less significantly) for Millennials/GenY (ages 13-31) with a 7 percent increase.

‘The Faces of Social Media’ is a venture between Knowledge Networks and MediaPost Communications. The study is comprised of interviews with 2,242 people from KnowledgePanel®, an online panel representative of the U.S. population. The 13- to 80-year-olds were surveyed to measure their usage of social media.