Social Media Has Helped Generate New Sales for 57% of Business Users In Yorkshire, U.K.

Social media marketing firm Optimum Exposure has released a survey of 40 business based in Yorkshire, in the U.K.   The respondents self-selected to participate in an online survey, so they’re likely to be more internet-savvy than the average Yorkshire business. Still the results provide an interesting look at the results that companies in the area expect to see from their social media efforts.  

The respondents are mostly business owners, partners or CEOs (69%) at organizations with less than 500 employees, with about 60% having fewer than 10 employees.  Respondents use all types of social media:  LinkedIn (82%),  Twitter (82%), blogs (75%), Facebook (52%) and YouTube (50%).

For these Yorkshire business users of social media, the return on investment is very clear:

  • 37% said they felt social media has been responsible for saving money in support or customer relations.
  • 57% respondents said social media had been responsible for or contributing towards creating new business and sales.
  • 75% respondents said social media had been responsible for creating positive PR about the company and 40% saying social media had helped mitigate any PR problems.

Check out the full presentation for more details on how these companies are using social media: