36% of Companies Report Having Used Social Media to Convert an Initial Connection to a Sale

In November 2010, internet marketing agency R2i surveyed 296 marketing professionals at a mix of B2B and B2C companies about their social media marketing strategies, and found that 36% of respondents had been able to use social media to make a conversion from initial connection to sale, and 25% said they were “getting close” to having done so.

The Big Social Media Challenge: Not Enough Time

Asked about their greatest anticipated challenges with social media marketing in 2011, “time and resources” was cited by 45% of respondents.  This was also the highest response when it comes to barriers to entry into social media, with 42% selecting “time and resources,” and 38% said that their biggest mistake with social media was not allocating proper “time and resources.”  One-third–29%–of the companies surveyed have a dedicated staff, with an additional 11% planning to hire staff in 2011.

The second-largest barrier to entry was skepticism of return (21%), followed by “too many platforms” (12%) and “excutive buy in” (11%).

What’s Your Social Media Business Strategy?

44% of the companies surveyed said that they have a defined social media strategy.  31% use it primarily for publishing content, 27% for business development/lead generation and 12% primarily for public relations.

New Real-Time Business Technologies

The Companies surveyed plan to explore new technologies: about one-third will be investing in or intestigating geo-location; about one-fifth will look at social buying and QR codes.

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