63% of Affluent Gen Y Consumers Use Social Media to Engage with Brands

A new study released by L2 measures how affluent Gen Y consumers use media and how they interact with brands through media.  Digital media is easily in the lead, with traditional media channels trailing significantly behind in most areas.  If brands want to succeed, they will have to concentrate more on improving their own websites, social media platforms, and mobile apps.

Sixty-three percent of those studied use social media to engage with brands, and a majority say that their opinion about a brand is affected by Facebook, blogs, and brand videos. A whopping 81% of Gen Y consumers use Facebook every day, almost double the amount that watch TV or read newspapers.

Other key statistics:

  • 45% read blogs every day
  • 45% read a newspaper daily, but 79% of those are reading the newspaper online
  • 25% use mobile devices to access social media
  • 2/3 use Twitter, 25% report having checked their Twitter account within the last 24 hours
  • nearly 20% report using Foursquare within the last 24 hours

The study was comprised of 535 individuals of Gen Y (born between 1980-2000), all expecting to earn $80,000 or more by the end of the year, and to double that salary within the next five years. Download the full report from L2, or read MediaPost’s analysis of the results here.