Twitter Users Watch Online Videos Longer than Facebook or Search Users

A recent report by Tubemogul and Brightcove reveals that Google is still the #1 traffic source for online video coming from a media site, but in the third quarter of 2010 Facebook climbed the rankings to #2 with 9.6% of all referrals, demoting Yahoo! to #3.

However, when engagement is measured in terms of minutes watched per video, viewers coming from Twitter watch videos for longer than those coming from Facebook or any search engine. When broken down by video type, referrals from Twitter showed a significantly higher rate of engagement for brands (see chart), and also had the highest engagement for broadcasters and online media properties.  TechCrunch reports that viewers coming from Twitter have been showing higher levels of engagement since the 1st quarter.

Facebook was the most engaging referral source for magazines, and Google was clearly the highest engagement source for newspapers (a full 30 seconds longer than the category average), a result consistent with the idea that users go to Google for the most up-to-date news.

See the full report below.

Online Video Report Q3 2010