Only 10% of Companies Consider Their Internal Social Networking Systems Successful

According to the InformationWeek Analytics 2010 Social Networking in the Enterprise Survey, 89% of the 700+ respondents have some form of internal social networking in place.  However, only 10% consider these networking systems successful.

Why can’t companies get their employees to use social networking tools for the benefit of the business?  A new report indicates that lack of single sign-on and email integration, coupled with little user education or awareness of system policies and procedures, may be creating the lag between employee adoption of social media inside and outside the enterprise.

Report highlights include:

  • The most used function of enterprise social networking is the online directory with Facebook-style profiles (22% of survey respondents report heavy use), followed by team or company wikis (13%), company discussion forums (7%) and internal blogs (5%).
  • One-third of companies surveyed don’t provide employees with single sign-on to their internal systems.
  • 39% of respondents don’t offer any type of e-mail integration with their internal social networks.
  • Only 8% of companies approach their social networking initiatives with a coordinated team from multiple disciplines; most efforts are led by marketing.
  • Microsoft’s SharePoint is the leading enterprise social networking system, with 71% of the market; Google’s sites and IBM’s Lotus are the only other platforms with a sizable base.

Premium members can download the full “Socially Challenged? Make Your Enterprise Social Networking Efforts Pay Off” report from InformationWeek Analytics here.