U.S. Twitter.com Users Visit the Site 37% More Than Last Year

Experian recently released a report on the use of Twitter.com in the U.S. from November 2009 to November 2010, showing that the average number of Twitter.com users visiting the site per month has risen 37% in the last year.  Search Engine Land notes that the fairly recent upswing in numbers coincides with the Twitter.com redesign, launched in September 2010.

Other highlights from the report:

  • Americans spent 2 hours, 12 minutes per month on Twitter.com in November 2010, up from 1 hour 51 minutes in November of 2009
  • Twitter.com users visited the site 10 times per month in 2010, up from 7.3 times per month in 2009
  • the number of U.S. adults visiting Twitter.com fell by 14% (possibly due to users discovering and switching over to Twitter clients, which aren’t reflected in the report)
  • Average amount of time spend on Twitter.com fell to 13 min, 12 sec in 2010, down from 15 min, 12 sec in 2009

Fast Company compares the Experian data measuring Twitter.com use with Facebook stats, revealing that Americans spend twice as much time on Facebook (4 hours and 35 min per month) as they do on Twitter (2 hours and 12 min). However, consumption rose on both networks from last year, up 18% for Twitter.com and 6.5% for Facebook, and the rise of monthly visits to Twitter.com of 37% is almost four times that of Facebook, which only increased 10%.