Please Vote to Help us Pick our New Hashtag!

UPDATE 3/24:
Thank you, everyone who voted in the original survey! We are down to two contenders for the new Realtime Report and Conferences. Please vote in our run-off poll:

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As you probably know, we have recently changed our name from TWTRCON to The Realtime Report. As with most re-branding efforts, this has created all kinds of complications, some of which we have yet to resolve. Today we’re asking you to help us solve one of them.

When we chose our new name, we assumed we could simply use #realtime as our hashtag.  The mistake we made:  we didn’t spend enough time listening to the conversation that already existed on that hashtag.  As it turns out, a lot of people are using that #realtime hashtag to talk about a lot of things (Hello, Bill Maher fans and others enjoying the #realtime lifestyle!) that are not relevant to the conversation our community wants to be having.   It’s just making it too darn hard to use the hashtag as a conversational and community-building tool.

We would love to find a hashtag that is

  • unique to the community of people who want to talk about doing business on the realtime, social and mobile web.
  • can exist year-round, across all of the conferences and other gatherings we might organize (i.e. not #rtny11)
  • short, easy to remember and easy to use.

Please vote!! We’ll announce the results later this week!