64% of US Adults Online Who Follow a Celebrity Also Follow a Brand

Advertisers take note: celebrity followers and fans on social media can be great consumers and advocates for your brand.

Photo courtesy of Daniel Ogren Photography

According to the Nielsen Company, 64% of adult U.S. Internet users who follow a celebrity also follow a brand, and these fans are more likely than the average online U.S. adult to offer advice and opinions to others online.

  • celebrity followers are 4 times more likely to follow a brand than the average U.S. adult online
  • 32% of celebrity fans online provide advice on movies (44% more than the average online user)
  • 28% provide guidance on music (56% more likely than the average user) and television programs (34% more likely)

Celebrity fans and followers online are also significantly more likely to engage in several other online activities, as reported by MarketingProfs:

  • celebrity fans are a whopping 86% more likely than the average adult online to comment/post on social networking sites
  • 83% more likely to view consumer generated video
  • 67% more likely to visit a social networking site
  • 45% more likely to play online games than the average online adult

Nielsen’s findings are based on data from a quarterly survey of approximately 36,000 U.S. Internet users age 18 and older, merged with Nielsen’s NetView Internet usage from 3rd quarter 2010.