72% of Smartphone Users Likely to Recall an Ad With a QR Code

QR codes are starting to gain some serious attention as a newer form of mobile marketing.  A survey from MGH reveals that 32% of smartphone users have used QR codes already, as reported by MarketingProfs.  An impressive 70% of smartphone users are interested in using QR codes – either for the first time or again – largely for the following reasons:

  • Finding discounts or deals: 87%
  • Entering a sweepstakes: 64%
  • Accessing additional information: 63%
  • Making a purchase: 60%
  • Signing up to receive more information: 53%

In general, how aware are smartphone users that QR codes are out there? According to the survey, 65% of smartphone users have seen a QR code, mainly on product packaging (56%), in magazines (45%), on coupons (45%) and in newspaper ads (27%).

QR codes are also memorable for users: a whopping 72% of smartphone users said they would be likely to recall an ad using a QR code (31% were ‘highly likely’ to remember, 41% were ‘somewhat likely’ to remember).

A breakdown of the consumers who have already used QR codes shows a fairly young demographic – nearly half (48%) are ages 18-34 – and an even split between women (51%) and men (49%).  71% of QR code users have an annual income of $50,000 or more.

These consumers are using QR codes for a variety of reasons:

  • 53% are using QR codes to find coupons or discounts
  • 52% for product or service information
  • 33% to enter a sweepstakes
  • 24% to access video content
  • 23% to make purchases online
  • 23% to interact with social channels

View the full survey results here.  Results are from a survey of 415 smartphone users, conducted in February 2010.