84% of Women Using Facebook Have Been Annoyed By Their Facebook Friends

A survey from Eversave analyzes the preferences of adult female Facebook users, including their main reasons for using the social network, what bugs them when using the site, and their search for daily deals.  Out of the 450 women surveyed, 83% check Facebook 2-10 times daily, while 15% check Facebook once a day.

Top among the benefits of using Facebook were:

  • viewing friends’ photos and videos (91%)
  • finding long-lost friends (76%)
  • learning about promotions and deals from brands (75%), as reported by MarketingProfs

For those looking for deals, 85.7% say they “like” various deal-a-day brands on Facebook to learn about deals, and 45% learn about deals via friends’ posts. A significantly smaller amount – 12% – of women learn about deal-a-day offers via Facebook ads.

Top reasons women post status updates on Facebook:

  • to keep friends informed (77.6%)
  • to share interesting or funny links and videos (64%)
  • to promote social causes (44.5%)
  • to brag about something (24.3%)

A whopping 84% of women say they have been annoyed at one point or another by their Facebook friends, for these main reasons:

  • Complaining all the time: 63%
  • Sharing unsolicited political views: 41%
  • Bragging about seemingly perfect lives: 32%

Women labeled these top 5 ‘online personalities’ when identifying the types of friends they have on Facebook:

  • Documentarians (constantly updating their status): 65%
  • Drama Queens (everything’s a crisis with this friend): 61%
  • Proud Mamas (think Junior’s every move is newsworthy): 57%
  • Incessant Likers ( “like” every post): 46%
  • Slactivists (hyper activists): 40%

The findings are from Eversave’s online survey (distributed via Facebook and Twitter) of 450 female Facebook users, conducted from March 7-12, 2011. Ages of respondents: 49% were age 25-35, 29% were age 36-45, and 14% were age 46+.