25% of Social Mobile Comments Are Posted In-Store; Interaction With Staff is Most Frequent Topic

One in 4 shopping-related online comments are posted via a mobile device while consumers are in a store.  Of those, the most frequent topic relates to the consumer’s interaction with staff, according to a new study released by social media intelligence vendor ListenLogic, who studied analyzed 16,500 public online and social consumer conversations across the retail and restaurant industries posted during Q1 2011.

The use of smartphones to comment on shopping experiences has increased dramatically in recent months.  In Q4 2010, just under 1 out of 6 comments were made while in the store.

Of the in-store consumer comments, approximately 2,000 were posted while consumers were browsing or shopping.  Of those, approximately 800 related to the consumer’s interaction with staff, while approximately 600 were observations about the product.

About 600 comments were posted while consumers were deciding to purchase.  Of those, the product observations were the most frequent, followed by comments about pricing.