Get Ready for Realtime NY 11: Real Brands, Real Business Value (and a few surprises…)

We are super excited about our next event:  Realtime NY 11 will be on June 6 (the first day of Internet Week New York!), at BBKing’s — right in the heart of NYC on Times Square.

It’s our inaugural event since we changed our name from TWTRCON to Realtime.  We are keeping the best of TWTRCON — the focus on the business value of realtime tools, wall-to-wall case studies and hardcore learning, lots of fun stuff to keep it lively — but we are also using this as an opportunity to add some new ingredients that will spice up the conversations even more!

Here’s a preview of just some of the social, mobile and realtime business themes we’re building into the agenda.  As you’ll see, we’re getting into bottom-line dollars-and-cents issues:

  • Listen Up! Turning Conversations into Business Opportunities – How brands such as Gatorade, Citibank,  Kellogg and others listen and engage with thousands of customer conversations, and how they’ve fine-tuned and scaled that skill set within their organization.
  • Show Me the Money (Part 1): The Value of Being Liked – Eventbrite has measured the actual dollar value of a tweet and a Facebook Fan
  • Social Commerce: Selling Plane Tickets on FacebookDelta has a ticket counter on its Facebook page.  Find out how that’s working.
  • Hashtag Battles And Other Realtime Plays That Score BigThe NHL has been an active user of Twitter, and one of the earliest Promoted Products customers.
  • Right Time, Right Place: Getting Customers to Check In – the latest on location-based marketing and promotions tools and strategies.
  • CSR and Social Media: The Business Case for Taking a Stand – how do you measure the business value of doing the right thing?
  • Bravo Tweets Up a Buzz — and drives audiences and engagement for its TV shows.
  • McTrends: Starting Buzz and Managing RumorsMcDonald’s has used Promoted Trends to launch products, but has also had to manage trending rumors in realtime.  Learn about the perils and opportunities of managing realtime buzz.
  • From User to Customer: How Good Design Creates Engagement — Realtime content requires great packaging. keeps donors and teachers engaged by making it easy for them to connect.
  • The Realtime Small Business: Get Out the Neighborhood — You don’t have to be big to be a realtime brand: the East Village’s Nuyorican Poets Cafe increased ticket sales 30%, doubled the number of events, won a grant from Google and got a write-up in the WSJ.
  • Show Me the Money (Part 2): Realtime Coupons, Bottom-line Conversions — Pretzel Crisp’s Facebook Fans have been downloading coupons from their Page. Find out how many converted to customers.
  • Influence: Earned, Bought and Measured — the great debate; I can promise that this will be a crackling conversation.  Details to come!
  • The Future of the Realtime Brand — brands need to move their culture from engaging to creating to co-enabling.  Find out how Pepsico is scaling its realtime business strategies.

We are just getting started:  there will be quite a few major announcements and additions to the program over the next couple of weeks.  But don’t wait to register — sign up today to make sure you’re part of the conversation.  Our early bird prices are valid until April 29th, and we added our Go Standby program today, so if you’re involved in building a realtime business for your own organization or your client’s, there’s no excuse not to be there on June 6!!