Come to Realtime NY. Learn New Stuff. Or Your Money Back.

I’ve had a few conversations over the last few days with people who ask me, “So what’s different about The Realtime Conference?”   There are so many events out there it’s enough to make you dizzy.  Too often, person ask this question because they’ve had a less-than-stellar experience at an event recently, or because they feel that they just keep seeing the same speakers over and over again.  Here’s the difference:

Come to Realtime NY 11 because you will learn something. Guaranteed.  Or your money back.


Yes, you should come to Realtime NY because it’s an amazing networking experience.  Attendees of previous (TWTRCON) events have told me that they started valuable new business relationships, met new clients, found a job, made friends and even found romance (we’re not telling!) at our events.  And yes, you should come because it’s wicked fun to tweet up a storm (links to the TWTRCON SF 10 TweetReach report – PDF) and play with all the latest toys in our demo area.

But the bottom-line reason you should register now to be at our Realtime NY 11 event on June 6 is because we never forget that you need to deliver business value, and so we pack the day full of 10 hours of case studies and panel discussions with speakers who are actually in the trenches, leading social media and realtime business strategies for their organizations.

We call it our Guru-free Zone:  real business examples, with real take-aways.

And yes, we are so confident that you will learn new, useful stuff at Realtime NY, that we are willing to give you a money-back guarantee.  If you come to Realtime NY and you don’t learn something new, just stop by the reg desk and let us know you want a refund.  No questions asked.

Eric Mantion (@Geek8ive) learned 10 at our November 2010 conference. How many will you learn on June 6?