44% of US Small Businesses Are Using Social Media To Gain Customers

The American Express OPEN “Small Business Monitor” spring 2011 edition found the use of social media networking for online marketing has risen to 35% among US small businesses (less than 100 employees), as reported by eMarketer.

44% of US small businesses now use social media tools ‘to promote their business to new customers’ (up from 39% in Sept 2010) and their efforts focus mainly on the top 3 social networking sites:

  • 35% use Facebook (up from 27% six months ago)
  • 15% use LinkedIn (up from 9% six months ago)
  • 10% use Twitter
  • 8% blog
  • 8% use YouTube (doubled from 4% six months ago)
  • just 2% use Foursquare

Many small businesses may be slow to adopt social media because they’re unsure of how to proceed – when asked which person would most help their business, nearly one-in-ten (9%) said a social media expert.

American Express OPEN Small Business Monitor is released every spring and fall, and based on a nationally representative sample of 728 small business owners/managers of companies with under 100 employees. The survey was conducted via telephone from February 22- March 9, 2011.