Like Us to Win! Facebook Advertisers Using Sweepstakes to Win Fans

Is it worth paying people to like your Facebook page?  Evidently a number of advertisers think so, and more examples have been popping up in recent weeks.

Christopher Heine of ClickZ found four examples of Facebook advertisers promoting sweepstakes that required entrants to “like” the brand’s Facebook page in order to have a chance of winning the prize:

  • Expedia ran an ad offering more than $1 million in dream vacations
  • Excedrin asked whether your headache is worth up to $150,000
  • Super 8 touted a chance to win $500 and three free nights at its hotels
  • JC Penney was giving away New York shopping sprees worth up to $1,000

But when unfriending a brand is as easy as clicking a link, the long-term value of bribing consumers to like you remains open for debate.  What do you think?  Are these advertisers’ investments going to pay off?

You don’t have to like us to join the debate.