Facebook Accounts for 26% of All Online Display Ad Impressions in U.S.

Facebook reigns as the No. 1 online display ad publisher, according to comScore‘s data from the fourth quarter of 2010, which has Facebook accounting for just under 26% of all U.S. display ad impressions.

This is an increase of nearly 12% for Facebook from Q3 of 2011, as reported by BtoB Online.  Facebook’s gain came partly at the expense of Yahoo! – previously responsible for 11% in Q3 of 2010, Yahoo! has now dropped to just under 10% of all display ad impressions.

Facebook accounted for 338.6 billion display ad impressions in Q4 of 2011, out of a total of over than 1.3 trillion display ad impressions.  This is also up from Q3 of 2010, when Facebook led online publishers with 297 billion impressions (again out of 1.3 trillion total), as reported by TechCrunch.