U.S. Mobile Barcode Use Grows 630% Year-Over-Year

We reported a month ago that 70% of smartphone users are interested in using QR codes, according to a survey from MGH.  New data from 3GVision reveals that mobile barcode use worldwide is “on a path of exponential growth” with a 62% growth rate from Q4 2010 to Q1 2011.

Barcode usage in the U.S. grew 182% from Q4 of 2010 to Q1 of 2011, and grew 630% year-over-year.

The top 5 countries for growth in mobile barcode use are the US, the UK, the Netherlands, Spain and Canada.

According to 3GVision, Q1 of 2011 also saw the adoption of QR codes by highly visible brands including Heineken, SKY Network, Pizza Express, Grazia Magazine, and Gamma DIY shops in the UK and the Netherlands.

Will QR codes become as “ubiquitous” in these newer markets as they are in Japan, where the concept originated?