Affluent Internet Users Are Twice As Likely To Use LinkedIn

A recent Affluence Collaborative survey reveals that wealthy internet users connect with brands on different social networks than the general population, and also connect with brands for different reasons than the general population.

For all groups surveyed, Facebook was the #1 social network. However, affluent users were nearly twice as likely to use LinkedIn and Twitter as the general population.  Thirty-six percent of affluents earning $500k per household used Twitter, vs. only 14% of the general population of internet users.  Also, 42% of affluents earning $200-500k per household use LinkedIn, nearly double the 21.5% of the general population using that network.

The study also found that wealthy internet users engaged with brands on social networks for different reasons, as reported by eMarketer.  For the general population of internet users, the main reason for connecting with brands on social networks was to receive deals and discounts. Among wealthy internet users, the top reasons for following brands were 1) a preexisting affinity for the brand and 2) a desire to be kept informed about the brand. eMarketer concludes that for affluent internet users, “connecting with a brand is largely about the brand itself, not gimmicks and offers” and that support of a brand is a means of “self-expression.”

Neither the general population nor the wealthy were particularly interested in being entertained via social media; it was the least-cited reason mentioned by all groups.  Fans are still looking for value from a brand, even if it’s not in the form of a coupon or sale.