Nearly 1 in 5 Smartphone Users Check In Via Mobile

A new report from comScore reveals that 7.1% of all mobile users and 17.6% (nearly 1 in 5) of smartphone users accessed check-in services in March 2011.  Of the 16.7 million people using check in services via mobile, 12.7 million (76%) of them did so with a smartphone.

Smartphone users that check in to location-based apps are more likely (than the overall smartphone population) to:

  • be female
  • under 35 years old
  • be full-time students
  • access mobile media across a variety of content categories – including news, online retail sites, mobile advertising, travel services, and others

eMarketer found female smartphone users’ adoption of the check-in to be “somewhat surprising” since research has shown women to be more concerned than men about disclosing personal info, including their location.

For the comScore report, check-in service users were defined as those accessing services such as Facebook Places, Foursquare and Gowalla.