What to Expect at #RLTM Realtime NY 11 on Monday, June 6

If you produce live conferences, you soon learn to expect the unexpected. Ideally, the behind-the-scenes chaos does not affect the audience experience.  And serendipity is part of the magic of participating in a live event: you never know who you’re going to meet, what someone’s going to say, or who’s going to show up with a bullhorn.

But while our exact plans for #RLTM NY, like much in life, are subject to change, we have a very clear vision of what we hope to accomplish this coming Monday.

We’re especially excited about this event because the new positioning–we re-branded from TWTRCON to #RLTM earlier this year–has really sharpened our focus on how realtime technologies can be used to create real-life business value. For companies who understand how to harness the power of realtime tools, this will be an incredible opportunity to get a lead on the competition.

What to Expect from #RLTM NY 11

  1. A Business Conference with Bottom-Line Business Value. From our origins as TWTRCON: The Twitter for Business conference to our positioning today–business on the social, mobile and realtime web–#RLTM has always been 100% focused on how organizations can leverage platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare to drive revenue or save money.  There are plenty of great events focused on the social media industry, or on bringing the social media community together.  #RLTM steps beyond that to focus primarily on bottom-line case studies from brands, non-profits and government agencies.  In one day, you’ll hear from 13 different brands describe their best practices for using realtime tools to drive marketing, customer service, product development, sales and other parts of their business.
  2. Practical Insights That Cut Through the Buzzwords. In addition to the case studies, we will take a deep dive into some key issues that will provide a practical perspective to help realtime decision makers shape their business strategies moving forward.  Geolocation:  where are these platforms going and how do they apply to your business, even if you don’t have retail outlets? The Realtime ecosystem: what happens as platforms like Twitter start to more agressively monetize their technology?  How do you manage your customer relationship when it’s owned by Facebook?  Influence: Can you measure it? earn it? rent it?
  3. A Chance to Play & Try Stuff Out.  We look for ways to make #RLTM conferences into a playground where we can all experiment with new ways of using realtime tools and platforms to share information, connect with people and more.  There’ll be tons of tweeting, of course, and we make sure to provide wifi and powerstrips to keep everyone juiced up and connected.  At Realtime NY 11, one of our sponsors, The Halo Group, is going to be conducting a survey using QR codes — be sure to download a scanner before you arrive, if you don’t already have one: http://web.scanlife.com/us_en/download-application.  So have fun & try stuff you normally wouldn’t.  And don’t be shy about asking for help — lots of other #RLTM attendees are newbies, and the experts in the crowd are always happy to help.
  4. New Friends and New Business Connections.  There are many different reasons people love our events.  But the one thing that people consistently tell me about is that they have made incredible connections at the Realtime Conferences.  New businesses have been started at our events.  Attendees have found new partners, colleagues and customers, and have developed new friendships.  From seating people at tables around topics of shared interest, to the cocktails at the end of the day, we do a lot of things to make it easy for people to connect.  Bring lots of business cards, and get ready to network.

It’s a lot to pack into one day, but incredibly fun, energizing and inspirational.

So stop monkeying around:  it’s time to register for Realtime NY!

Hope we see you there!